About us

Since 2011, Kolemisevski & Partners has worked alongside foreign investors in the Republic of Macedonia, along with leaders of large and small-scale businesses. As our clients have succeeded, our firm has flourished, placing Kolemisevski & Partners amongst few most valued law firms in the country. In the past and today, our mindset and our day-to-day professional philosophy have remained simple and persistent: working respectfully and collaboratively with our clients as a key towards mutual success. As business people ourselves, we realize that our future vitality and permanence depend on it.

Kolemisevski & Partners assist clients with various legal issues a business or an individual may face. Every engagement receives our attorneys’ full attention and focus, including the benefit of collective wisdom and experience. We look beyond the books to craft sophisticated solutions to our clients’ legal and business problems; denoting creativity and flexibility that anticipate the marketplace, but most importantly always endure efficiency and diligence as a critical factor for successful results. It is of our paramount significance to deliver workable, practical plans and strategies that make sense from all legal and business aspects.

The firm, our practices, and our attorneys are highly valued and respected by clients, other lawyers from around the country, as well as other foreign and local partners and institutions. We appreciate your interest in Kolemisevski & Partners and hope you will learn more about our clients, experience, and attorneys and other professionals by browsing this site.