Navigating Changes in North Macedonia Cannabis Law, Policy and Licensing for 2019 and Beyond

Kiril Kolemisevski Managing Partner, Investment Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking & Finance

Trying to stay current on the latest developments on cannabis law, policy and licensing is always like chasing a moving target, and in the last several months, the law and regulations in this area has been very active. Speaking of change, the use of initiatives and referenda to bypass the previous traditional local government cannabis controls has become more and more common. One set of topics subject to significant tides of change are the newly proposed cannabis regulations issued by the Government of Republic of North Macedonia, which shall be endorsed as soon as the presidential elections are formally finished in mid-May, 2019. View Article



Cannabis – licensing and production in Republic of Macedonia

Kiril Kolemisevski Managing Partner, Investment Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking & Finance

In the past two years, after the amendments in the Law on Control of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances and the Law on Medicinal Products and Medical Devices, which allowed cultivation and production of cannabis for medical purposes, as well as refining, extracting and production of hemp seed and cannabis oil, this Macedonian market has been showing serious growth potential which attracted local and foreign investors. View Article



Visas and work permits for foreigners intending to enter and stay in the Republic of Macedonia

Predrag Ivanovski Partner, Corporate & Business Law, Intellectual Property & Technology, Labor & Employment

Do foreigners need visas and if so, what type? Foreign nationals who wish to stay in Macedonia must obtain a visa unless they are subject to visa-waiver agreements. A visa is a clearance for entry and/or stay on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia for a certain period of time. The Law on Foreigners… View Article



What you need to know about company incorporation and setting-up new business in Macedonia?

Sandra Velovska Partner, Health, Public Offerings, Private Placements & Corporate Governance & Compliance

The current Company Law is effective since 2004. The amendment to the Company Law in 2005 facilitated the start of the Central Register at the beginning of 2006, as the body authorized to perform all company registrations and the institution to maintain the all companies Trade Register. This is the primary law regulating business activity… View Article