How to Successfully Launch a Legal Cannabis Business in Macedonia? (FAQ)

Looking for information for the cannabis industry startup guide? These FAQs might help you get started on the path to opening your own cannabis business in Macedonia.

1. How do you start a cannabis business in Macedonia?

To launch a cannabis business in Macedonia first you need to establish a local company and just like in most European states, the limited liability company is the preferred business structure for all kinds of activities in Macedonia. The easy incorporation process allows investors to set up their operations in a fast and reliable manner. One should bear in mind that the minimum share capital for this entity is set at EUR 5,000 and can be deposited in a Macedonian bank account. A limited liability company in Macedonia can be established by at least one stockholder and a maximum of 50 members. Because the market is welcoming and the business field anticipates the needs of foreign investors, one can buy ready-made companies which can be used as soon as the ownership has been granted and accepted by the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia.

As soon as you establish or acquire a ready-made company as a foreign investor you must register the company as a foreign investment in the Registry of Direct Investments, which records all investments invested in money or items that a foreign investor has made in Macedonia.… Continue reading »